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Showcase Your Soft Skills

I love interacting with people and managing relationships, but my background is quite technical and oftentimes I'm typecast for "behind-the-scenes" positions - even though my people skills are great. I finally had a chance to convey my potential in client-facing roles with my video CV.

Save Time

I can't find enough hours in the day to apply for all of the business development jobs I come across. With Jobkast I can immediately widen my application reach without actually applying for more jobs. I allowed Jobkast to share my resume and video CV with their network of employers, who actively reached out to me with opportunities after reviewing my resume and getting to know me through my video CV.

Tell Your Story

I thrive by throwing myself into vastly different experiences. Hiring managers often tell me that judging by my resume it looks like I'm "jumping around" a lot, while in reality I'm building the foundations I need for my career aspirations. It feels great to be able to use my video CV to tell my story.
- Beatrice

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