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Jobkast is a job search platform that is reinventing the tools we use to advertise and apply for jobs. We believe a successful job match has people and culture at its core.

The nature of jobs has evolved significantly over the past 50 years, but the way we advertise and apply for jobs has not. Jobs used to be defined by the nature of the tasks that needed to be completed. Innovation is driven by talent and the culture of collaboration people create, not just skills, but also capability.

The Inspiration Behind Jobkast

A Founder's Reflections

Born in Iran, raised in Germany and educated in the United Sates, I have called Hong Kong home since 2013.  

With over seventeen years of experience in international development in the public and private sectors across three continents, I have taken part in countless recruitment processes and participated in hundreds of hours of interviews – both as an employer and a job seeker. As an employer, I found it difficult to find the right talent, while as a job seeker I struggled to look beyond the same 200 words that fill every job description to get a feel for whether I belonged with the hiring team and manager. 

It wasn’t until I listened to a talk by Simon Sinek, that everything started to make sense. In his talk, Simon mentioned that as human beings we often try to put into words how we feel about a person or organization, using a part of the brain that doesn’t control language. And, as Simon pointed out, we do the same thing at work – we talk about people who get it. What’s “it”? As an employer, I realize now that I was looking for people who got “it”, and as a job seeker I was grappling with the task of decrypting “it”.

This is when I realized that our current job search tools are not sufficient in conveying the non-verbal signs and queues we rely on when deciding to enter trust relationships. We begin building these trust relationships at the application phase, and grow them into cultures that are driving innovation in the new economy. 

As a life-long immigrant I have experienced first-hand the endless possibilities of belonging and the agony of not belonging. If we want to create a future where we have a chance to realize our potential, we need to help each other find a place where we belong – a place where we find alignment with our values and aspirations.

Join us on a journey to reinvent the way we advertise and apply for jobs!

- Arian 

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