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Helpful Tips for Recording your Video Clips

Winter Sunlight


Natural light is best. Make sure that the light source, ideally a window, is not behind you, but in front of you. If filming at night, a lamp will suffice, but make sure the light source is even or just above your head.

DJ Headphones


Don't sit too far away from your laptop's microphone, make sure it's quiet around you and be cognisant of acoustics and echos. Choose a place where you can minimise disruptions, ideally with decent acoustics.

Woman with Laptop

Use Your Laptop to Record the Video Clips

Use PhotoBooth or just your laptop webcam to record your clips. Look into the camera lens - don't look at yourself. If you want to use your phone, don't hold it, rather place it at eye-level and film horizontally. It's up to you to decide whether you'd like to prominently feature your background or not.


Be Yourself

Don't read from a script. This is your opportunity to show employers, not who you are on paper, but who you are as a person. Let your personality shine through. Do prepare though and make a bulleted list of the major elements you want to highlight in each clip.

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