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The Inspiration behind Jobkast: E
(Employment x Education)

A founder's reflections

Born in Iran, raised in Germany and educated in the United Sates, I have called Hong Kong home since 2013.  


With over seventeen years of experience in workforce development in the public and private sectors across three continents, I have taken part in countless recruitment processes and participated in hundreds of hours of interviews where I have gotten to know jobseekers from all walks of life. 


Along my journey, three prevailing myths have dangerously tended to persist:


  1. You should look for your first serious internship in your penultimate / junior year at university

  2. Your first job out of university doesn’t really matter because you’re still exploring the world of work 

  3. There’s a point at which you transition from education to employment

I have devoted my career to busting these myths, and I founded Jobkast to give students a viable platform to be able to prepare themselves for the future of work. And as for the myths, almost two decades of experience in workforce readiness have shown me that:


  1. The earlier students start doing internships the better. In fact, students should be actively building out their career the day they enter university. One great internship leads to another. Don’t wait to start on that path.

  2. A young person’s first job is critical to their career trajectory – it is the yardstick by which they measure their current and potential value in the job market. If a student hasn’t had enough opportunities to explore before graduating, the time they spend exploring after graduating carries a higher opportunity cost.  

  3. Education and employment go hand-in-hand. Those who do one without the other in the 21st Century will quickly find themselves to be irrelevant in the job market. 


As a life-long immigrant I have experienced first-hand the endless possibilities of being a life-long learner. If we want to create a future where the next generation of young professionals has a chance to realize its potential, we need to help them connect with opportunities seamlessly from anywhere in the world at any time.


Arian Hassani


Arian founded Jobkast in late 2020 after building her 17-year career in workforce development, witnessing the power of internships in shaping the future of work. Before founding Jobkast, Arian was a Vice President at J.P. Morgan where she covered the firm's workforce development efforts for Asia Pacific.

Arian started her career in the media and global communications investment banking team at Merrill Lynch in New York. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School, and a Bachelor’s in economics and German studies from Brown University, where she was awarded a Fulbright.


Pin-yen (Kiki) Lin

Social Media & Business Development

Kiki is a first-year student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, originally from Taiwan. As an enthusiastic business student, she has plenty of experiences in event planning and social media management. The insights she gained through studying abroad in high school influenced her to stay open-minded and embrace diversity.


Working as an intern in the team, Kiki brings her creativity and customer-oriented mindset to social media content development. She is driven by impact and passionate about delivering high-quality service to users.



Lisa Yu Li

Digital Marketing & Business Development

Lisa is a third-year student at Brown University studying Visual Arts and Behavioral Decision Sciences. As a Chinese Mexican creator, Lisa has constantly been pursuing environments that promote authentic development and that celebrate people’s diverse identities. She has experience taking creative direction and designing marketing content that is faithful to these ideas.


Lisa brings to Jobkast her ingenuity, empathy, and diligence. She wishes to use her skills and enthusiasm to help others find these places where they can make genuine connections and fully flourish.


Saiful Islam

Business Development & Digital Marketing Analytics

Saiful brings a fresh and creative approach to business development and digital marketing with over nine years of experience working with companies based in the US, Bangladesh and Malaysia. Along with his enthusiasm and keen interest in entrepreneurship, he brings a unique perspective to building business strategies and decision-making. 

Saiful is currently pursuing his PhD. in Management at Segi University in Malaysia, where he is researching optimal digital marketing and analytics strategies to improve business performance. 

Being a licensed digital marketing master certified by IIDM, Saiful leads Jobkast’s digital marketing efforts with passion, integrity, diligence and a strong work ethic. He is dedicated to building the internship platform for students looking to access the global employment market.


Eunice Yip

Digital Marketing & Business Development

Eunice is a first-year student at King's College London studying Business Management. Throughout her academic career, Eunice has cultivated skills in digital marketing and event planning, dedicating her projects towards servicing and engaging communities in Hong Kong. With experience in creative design and promotion, combined with an enthusiasm for development, Eunice aims to produce resonating content for users and valuable opportunities for students just like herself.


Julia Levi

Digital Marketing & Business Development

Julia is a student at Yale University studying Ethics, Politics and Economics, interested in creative business strategy, decision making, and increasing economic opportunity around the world. At school, she writes for the Yale Daily News and works with the Urban Philanthropic Fund, which brings together finance and community development by partnering students with nonprofits in New Haven. Julia is experienced in research, writing, business and website modeling, and social media outreach. 

As an intern at Jobkast, Julia is driven by the process of building an effective service and business model and by the post-Covid-19 turning point in how college students approach and recruit for jobs. 


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